Nature's Diet

Nature’s Diet Dog Food is a culinary journey back to your canine companion’s roots. Their recipes embrace the essence of nature, using wholesome ingredients that provide the nutrition and flavors dogs instinctively crave. With Nature’s Diet, you’re offering more than just a meal – it’s a tribute to their natural vitality and well-being. Elevate their nutrition with the nourishing power of Nature’s Diet Dog Food.

Nature's Diet Dog Food

Nature's Diet Dog Food

Company HQ

Parent company

Nature’s Diet Pet

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Type of food

Dry Dog Food, Wet Frozen Dog Food, Freeze-Dried Dog Food, Wet Dog Food
Nutrient Value 78%
Quality of Ingredients 65%
Recall History 100%
Price 57%
Customer Experience 56%
Manufacturing Method 54%

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  • High protein content
  • To our knowledge, Nature’s Diet has never had a product recall
  • Affordable
  • All recipes are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Some recipes contain plant-based protein

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