Lucy Pet Products

Lucy Pet Products formulates dog food, dog treats, and cat food, with an emphasis on high-quality proteins. The company also offers cat litter, pet shampoo, and conditioner. Lucy Pet Products dog food and cat food are available in multiple flavors and sizes.

Lucy Pet Products Dog Food

Lucy Pet Products Dog Food

Company HQ

Parent company

Lucy Pet

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Type of food

Dry Dog Food, Wet Dog Food
Nutrient Value 41%
Quality of Ingredients 70%
Recall History 100%
Price 68%
Customer Experience 64%
Manufacturing Method 43%

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  • To our knowledge, Lucy Pet Products has never had a product recall
  • Lucy Pet Products makes a diverse range of foods for various ages, sizes, and lifestyles
  • All recipes are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Some recipes contain plant-based protein
  • Lower than average protein content
  • Price is above market average
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